The Audience Awards connects filmmakers to brands to provide story-driven content through video contests and film challenges, providing brand engagement and social media visibility.

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Views, comments & shares.

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Filmmakers rally their friends to vote their video the best across social platforms.

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Audience Awards offers brands white label API to accept UGC video content & run video contests

“The Audience Awards’ roll out of the Kodak’s Super 8 Challenge shattered our past records for engagement on Kodak’s Facebook page. TAA platform provides a unique experience to celebrate the creativity of our customers, showcase the spectacular array of uses for our product, and the results of this challenge have exceeded expectations.”

Sascha Rice, Kodak’s Global Marketing Director

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“We love what the filmmakers are creating for our brand – so Creative! And working with The Audience Awards is awesome because they are so transparent and available.”

Sherry Smith, Manager, Digital Brand Marketing, Hilton Worldwide

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"Partnering with The Audience Awards was a great way to place our instate filmmakers in front of a huge audience and showcase their talents to those seeking inspiration to visit Montana from around the world."

Deny Staggs, Montana Film Commissioner

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"The Audience Awards‎ is the perfect partner for the Fusion Doc Challenge. Paige and her team know the industry inside and out! Their passion for films is reflected in the dedication they put behind this effort.”

Eric Douat, Director, Industry Relations, Univision Network

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“A very professional platform for the cinematography community. We received a ton of views and interaction from the site.“

Mike Tragiai, Lead Project Engineer

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Let us help make your memories. Be at Home at Home...


A whirlwind timelapse tour of the stunning and diverse landscapes of Montana.

Ants on a Log

A prominent business executive shares his secret to success.

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